About Us

Who We Are

We have witnessed first-hand the disruptions caused by equipment downtime and the effect it has on patients. Remote support is the most powerful and effective tool to minimize disruptions for you, your clinic, and your patients. Our company is dedicated to providing safe and affordable remote access solutions—so your patients don’t have to wait and you don’t have to reschedule.

Dignatel Business Solutions LLC is a shared value company, dedicated to a better experience for patients and providers alike. We innovate, implement, and promote technologies designed to reduce waste and fast-track issue resolution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring top quality, affordable remote access and diagnostics capabilities to small businesses and health care providers.

Our vision is simple: Efficient, powerful, and cost-effective remote support solutions for the benefit of all patients and hospitals worldwide.

What We Do

Dignatel Business Solutions’ Oncology Software Support is an affordable alternative to OEM service and support that allows you to sustain your equipment until YOU are ready to replace it. YOU are in control. No more end-of-life worries.

Dignatel is an independent service organization (ISO). We provide proactive support options as an alternative to OEM vendor support, and a support option for customers with discontinued products or products classified as “End of Support” or “End of Life” by the manufacturer. We support Varian®* ARIA®* OIS and Eclipse™* systems as well as Elekta®** MOSAIQ®** systems.

About - Sam Nathan

Sam Nathan

Vice President and Solutions Architect. Sam is a systems specialist with a management and regulatory background. Having 25 years experience with IT support and Varian Oncology Software products, he leads our team of support technicians and engineers.

Marc Lapinski

Marc is a systems specialist with extensive customer facing interactions.  In addition to his extensive international management business dealings in Africa and South America, Marc has over 20 years of IT support experience, 15 years of which as a Senior Field Service Engineer supporting Varian Oncology Software products.  Marc is the primary customer support representative.

Eric Andrews

For over 10 years experience in Radiation Oncology Software as a Senior MOSAIQ Analyst providing Premium Support, Installations, Upgrades, Migrations, and Managing all projects within the scope of Radiation Oncology Clinical Applications. I worked over six years for Elekta before moving on to manage Radiation Oncology IT Departments in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

David Picture[17817]

David Quaschnick

Worked in the Microsoft Support for 5 years, IT work for 6 years. Has also worked for Varian Medical Systems for over 14 years as an installer to support and install Aria software and configure and install the computers to host the ARIA system.  He did both the Cloud support and on premises installs.  He was also the product specialist for Insightive, AURA, and XMedius.

Dan DuBeau

Principal Consultant and Solutions Architect.  Dan is a Navy veteran and specialist in medical device remote access and diagnostics with more than 30 years of experience with Varian Medical Systems, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Siemens Medical Solutions.

Rick Jones

Chief developer and Senior IoT Consultant.  Rick specializes in taking technology projects from concept to delivery. He has over 30 years experience in data analytics and developing software solutions in a variety of markets including Auto/Home Insurance, E-Commerce, credit card merchant tools and video surveillance. He works with customers to refine requirements, define deliverables and execute on the product plan.

Robert DuBeau

System Administrator.  Robert is a specialist in database and network installation and administration, with over 20 years of IT customer service experience at Varian Medical Systems and Microsoft-Software Spectrum.


Visionary and Reacher of Heights

Digna is our resident giraffe. Her name means “worthy,” and she represents our commitment to REACH HIGHER, to pursue the most worthwhile goals and objectives, no matter how difficult or complex.

Everybody knows all about that low-hanging fruit. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with scoring those little wins along the way, but we know that everyone else is going after that same low-hanging fruit. What sets us apart is our commitment to reach higher. We set our sights on that high-hanging fruit and let the monkeys scramble after the little stuff. After all, if it’s not challenging, it’s probably not worth doing.

And that’s what Dignatel is all about.

A portion of all proceeds go to Grameen Foundation to enable entrepreneurship for the world’s poorest people by expanding access to technology and financial services.