How Have You Been Disrupted in 2020?

While predictions such as those in this article may help your oncology departments, there are certain things you just cannot foresee. Dignatel can take the guesswork out of your oncology department’s software and hardware needs.

Service Options for Every Need!

Your clinic is unique, and so are your software service needs. Dignatel provides a variety of service options and we work closely with our customers to ensure they have the level of service that best fits their needs. See for more details!

Reduce Your Radiation Oncology Software and Service Costs

Radiation oncology software and data are at the heart of your radiation oncology clinic. Lost time and data can mean delaying treatment, underperforming and incurring tremendous costs. Software vendors know how important these systems are to you and charge premium prices to keep your systems up to date according to their standards. There is a better way. Watch this webinar to learn how independent software service can save you money, help you get the most out of your current...

Impact of COVID19 on Radiation Oncology

It is no revelation that COVID19 and the associated response have affected every aspect of our lives. Health care is particularly impacted, and not evenly. With an infectious disease taking center stage it has severely disrupted other health care services, even services that are critical to life and health.  Impacts on Radiation Oncology Clinics  The National Center for Biotechnology Information developed a report at the outset of COVID19 in the US to outline concerns and changes Oncology Clinics can expect. Three critical takeaways...