IoT Support

Gain Remote Access to Your Devices from Anywhere

From the first business case to the final product launch, we help your company develop and implement IoT capabilities. The Internet of Things can enhance and differentiate your products and services by increasing reliability, up-time and customer satisfaction.

All of this while saving you money through efficiency and scale.

For Legacy Systems We Can

Capture available data ports

Parse data and log files

Develop remote access via gateway

Turn data into actionable information

Store information locally and/or on cloud

Benefits for Legacy Systems

Alert key users to urgent needs

Inform support personnel of system status before they travel to location

Improve compliance

For New System Design We Can


Requirements planning

User Experience

Design for Compliance, Service, and Support

Capture new revenue opportunities

Benefits to New System Design

Leverage greatest value from legacy equipment (only replace as needed)

Meet needs within budget

Future-proof design

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Faster deployment – from 5 years down to 1-2 years

Service force efficiency – reduced travel overhead, greater product-to-rep ratio

Faster issue resolution for greater up-time

Improved customer satisfaction

Increased market share – differentiation through enhanced feature set

Full development life cycle from inception to delivery and support


One Stop for Full-Stack Development

David Quaschnick – Drop Zone Consultant, Business Systems

  • Help customers identify the value opportunity

  • Work with customers to make the business case

Sam Nathan – OpEx (IT and Product Support)

  • Help customers select a platform, integrate with existing IT and Cloud infrastructure

  • Enable product support to extract value from product data

Rick Jones – Chief IoT Developer ( Product Planning, Engineering, and Service)

  • Extract customer requirements and develop product plan

  • Develop code to enhance product data capabilities: Connect, Collect, Analyze, Act, Predict, Optimize