Why Choose Dignatel IoT?

Your company is unique. It has its own challenges, strategic advantages and culture. But every technology company has one thing in common, the need to extend existing solutions and develop new solutions to technological challenges. Since your company is unique, so is your decision on how to meet these needs. Do you develop in house, using existing personnel or do you look outside to contract outside labor? Fortunately for you, these two approaches are not mutually exclusive. A well-rounded approach will often be a combination of in-house and outsourced effort.

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At Dignatel our goal is to research and develop technology solutions that meet your organizations needs and can be adopted and maintained by your organization. This can include research, documentation, planning, development and training. The goal is to get you to market with a sustainable and extensible solution as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

With Dignatel you can expand your capacity during critical projects, then scale back when the project is completed without the need of adding or reducing full-time staff.

The Dignatel IoT Advantage

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We have a lot of experience across a broad array of markets and technologies. We are always researching new technologies and new ways of defining and meeting technical requirements.

Focused attention

We aren’t distracted by the day to day needs of keeping the lights on. We focus our time and energy on solving the problem we are contracted to solve.

Increase in house knowledge with minimal investment

We can do the research and training and apply our experience to get you the information and planning you need faster.

New/Fresh perspective

We are not bogged down with institutional knowledge or assumptions. We can take a fresh look at your technology requirements and needs.

No need to invest in all necessary tools/technologies

We bring a number of tools and technology to the table to solve your problems. You don’t need to purchase or license tools that you don’t need for the long term.

Contract costs are manageable and cost effective

You don’t have to worry about overhead/support cost of full time employees and you know the extend and max amount for the contract up front.